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Kid’s education: USA or Costa Rica

Kid’s education: USA or Costa Rica




Since moving to Heredia in 2009, I realised and had not properly taken into consideration the education system of Latin America in general. As I am a soon to be farther, I realised I would need to find at much information that was readily available. To make the decision, to move back to Meassuests and put my son through the education system in the US, or to stay in Costa Rica and have my go to a state school here.

Because of my lack of formal education, I always wanted the very best for my kids. For them to college and hopefully a top university.

After a year of working and living in Costa Rica, I can say with absolute confidence it is one of the most developed countries in South America.

Points to consider:

America is much more competitive than South America. It is a very entrepreneurial country, where anyone can do anything. It is drilled into children at a young age’ you have to be a winner’. Now this is a positive thing or a negative whichever way you are looking at it.

I decided I would Study Spanish at Iped, one of the leading Spanish schools in the country. I found the general quality of teaching to be impeccable. I was there for a total of 6 weeks and dramatically increased my speaking ability.

Study Spanish at IPED – Costa Rica – David Handson and Zaida.

From this positive experience I have no doubt, that my son Daniel will receive a 1st class education in Costa Rica. He will have a fantastic here and be immersed in the local culture and without doubt be bilingual.

At first I thought that we might not be accepted in the local community, as we are gringos. But after 2-4 weeks we made friends with out locals and we felt more at ease where we were staying.
This website, shows so more options for expat kids. There are many private schools for the different nationalities in the country.

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